Real Life Wins at the Box Office

Redemptive stories rooted in real life are captivating audiences on the silver screen, but can these films really be called ‘Christian’? All great art starts with a story. The best art highlights raw, real stories […]


Motherhood Is Holy Work

Mother and blogger (Coffee + Crumbs) Ashlee Gadd debuts her newest book, The Magic of Motherhood (Zondervan) this month. What are the differences between writing a blog and writing a book? Writing a book feels […]


Be a Light in the Darkness

One hundred eighty miles west of Omaha, in Kearney, Nebraska, stands The Solid Rock. Dubbed “Your Inspirational Department Store” and run by Bill and Ila Ballou for the last 42 years, it’s become a community […]

Heart Behind Resources

The Word Shop Runs on Love

Love of God, books, and community sustain 21-year ministry. One visitor told Alliee DeArmond that The Word Shop she has run in Aptos, California, for 21 years should really be called a club. It’s a good […]


The Point Is: Life’s Not Perfect

Readers need Christian fiction authors and publishers to tell the messy stories. As a reviewer, blogger, and avid reader, I’ve noticed that traditionally published Christian fiction isn’t an industry brimming with risk takers. I’ve read […]