A Call for Courage

A Call for Courage
By Michael Anthony
Publisher: Nelson Books
Genre: Social Issues
Release Date: 03/13/18

Anthony, lead pastor at Grace Fellowship in Pennsylvania, posits that one’s passion for God in private is directly connected to one’s influence for Him in public. Early in the book, he tells the story of defending the Bible in front of a hostile crowd in London’s Speakers Corner at Hyde Park.

He calls readers to a second Reformation based on repentance and dives directly into the divisions in our society and how Christians can act with courage and humility. At the end of each chapter, Anthony presents several recommendations for action.

The book will appeal to readers who are conservative both in theology and cultural issues. Not everyone will agree with some of his viewpoints, especially with church and state issues. But that shouldn’t keep all readers from experiencing Anthony’s passionate plea that we represent Christ Jesus lovingly and boldly, in today’s culture.

—Neil Bartlett