A Dangerous Legacy

A Dangerous Legacy
By Elizabeth Camden
Publisher: Bethany House
Genre: Historical, Romance
Release Date: 10/03/17

Lucy Drake and her brother, Nick, persist in a long-running legal battle for the fortune the Saratoga Drakes swindled from their grandfather. Lucy doesn’t care about the money, but his invention would bring clean water to impoverished families crammed into New York City tenements.

As if that isn’t enough turmoil, Lucy’s job as a telegrapher with the Associated Press is threatened by the arrival of Sir Colin Beckwith who now heads the competition, Reuters. Colin’s title is tainted by a secret, but he is surprisingly charming, handsome, entertaining—and connected. Both proficient in Morse code, they work together using that skill to untangle a web of political intrigue.

Camden’s characters inhabit a world rich with historical detail. Readers will enjoy the romance and the suspense as Lucy and Colin sacrifice what matters to save the lives of others and overcome danger threatening.