A Defense of Honor

A Defense of Honor
By Kristi Ann Hunter
Publisher: Bethany House
Genre: Regency Romance
Release Date: 05/2018

Set in 1816 England, Hunter depicts a double standard of the time: the ease by which aristocracy shirk responsibility to the women with whom they father illegitimate children, and the ruin the women face for bringing those children into the world.

With sensitivity and discretion, Hunter follows the secret efforts of a trio of women as they secure the welfare of unwanted children, allowing their mothers a second chance. Kit, however, struggles with her need to control, even engaging in questionable tactics to maintain it. When she meets an honorable nobleman searching for purpose in his privileged life, she must overcome prejudice and the contradictions in her behavior before she can learn to trust.

Hunter skillfully develops the main characters in her first “Harbor Manor” installment, giving up enough about supporting personalities to ensure their stories will draw readers back. The topic obviously precludes young readers, but women from teen on up will find this tender romance a gentle prompt to trust God with the details.

—Elizabeth Wisz