A Doubter’s Guide to Jesus

A Doubter’s Guide to Jesus
By John Dickson
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Biblical Studies
Release Date: 02/06/18

Who is Jesus? The answer is complex. Many people carry a simplistic or skewed image of Jesus in their minds, so Dickson delves into the earliest historical sources to provide readers an overview of the major roles that Jesus fulfills.

The historical record of Jesus’ life and purposes is more extensive than is often recognized. Greco-Roman, Jewish, and Christian sources all provide perspectives on what Jesus said and did. From these sources, we can piece together portraits of Jesus in his role as teacher, Christ, healer, judge, savior, and friend.

The book is presented as a doubter’s guide, but it will be equally as enlightening to Christians who may have only a dim awareness of the non-Christian sources of information about Jesus or who have bought into stereotypes about Him. The author effectively shows how grasping each of Jesus’ identities is crucial to an accurate understanding of Him.

This book is intellectually satisfying while still targeted toward a general reader. No matter how strong a grasp one may have on who Jesus is, this book will add helpful layers to that portrait.

—Joseph Bentz