A Royal Dance

A Royal Dance
By Linda Fergerson
Publisher: Carpenter’s Son Publishing
Genre: Biblical
Release Date: 01/2018

Jerusha grew up hearing her father, Jacob, call her his little lioness, royalty intended to dance for the Messiah. Her father believes Yeshua might be the one, but his loyalty to Yeshua disturbs Abigail, Jerusha’s mother.

When Abigail turns to the arms of powerful Caiaphas, her adultery drives a wedge in the family that forces Jacob to flee his home. Jerusha, raped by Caiaphas’ son and emotionally bruised, must move with her mother into the palace to serve Caiaphas as his servants. Embittered, she finds herself baffled by her mother’s newfound faith and the attentions of a handsome believer. Somehow, she must rise up and reclaim her identity as royalty.

Heavy on the imagery, the story tries hard and creates a solid setting, but the plot sags midway through. Book 1 of “The Lion and the Butterfly” series, A Royal Dance begins strong but finishes somewhat flat.

—Jaci Miller