A Simplified Life

A Simplified Life
By Emily Ley
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Self-help
Release Date: 11/21/17

Emily Ley has done it again. The guru of simple, creator of the ever-popular Simplified Planner, and master of creativity has now written a book that helps readers tackle the idea of simplicity and make it their own.

A Simplified Life oozes with creativity and inspiration. It’s part magazine, part master planner, part journal, part idea book, and an extremely uplifting read. Instead of being another overwhelming and unattainable approach to simplicity, Ley’s book provides a concrete plan and customized reader-centered approach. She helps readers form a real plan that will actually work.

Ley has infused A Simplified Life with beautiful photography and simple layouts, so it’s visually fun to read. She tackles everything from simplified spaces, meals, schedules, finances, and hospitality to simplifying your self, technology, motherhood, and faith—all while providing fun recipes, strategies, and planning tools.

Pair this book with Ley’s other books and her Simplified Planner for a fun gift, or help customers add this to their own Simplified collection.

—Leslie Paladino