A Song Unheard

A Song Unheard
By Roseanna White
Publisher: Bethany House
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: 01/2018

Germany has occupied Belgium. Though not convinced she’s spy material, master thief Willa Forsythe accepts an assignment. Like her sister before her, Willa wants to provide for their “family” of thieves. Her quarry: Lukas De Wilde, principal violinist of the Belgian Symphony Orchestra. Her quest is to steal the cipher key devised by his father.

Lukas waits in Wales with his fellow musicians. His performances earn the means to find his mother and sister and sneak them out of Belgium. In Brussels, Margot plays a dangerous game, searching for Lukas while hiding her identity and genius from the German officer residing in the home where she and her mother have taken refuge.

White weaves another tale of the fascinating thieves who play a role in saving England. Willa’s assignment brings the hope of a reformed life, but she must overcome fear of abandonment to trust Lukas, the music she loves, and even God.

—Kim Peterson