Abuse – Physical / Emotional / Self

A League of Dangerous Women: True Stories from the Road to Redemption (Mary Frances Bowley and James Lund)

Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them: Breaking the Cycle of Physical and Emotional Abuse (Paul Hegstrom)

Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse (Gregory Jantz and Ann McMurray)

Inside a Cutter’s Mind: Understanding and Helping Those Who Self-Injure (Jerusha Clark and Earl Henslin)

No Place for Abuse: Biblical & Practical Resources to Counteract Domestic Violence (Catherine Clark Kroeger and Nancy Nason-Clark)

Refuge from Abuse: Healing and Hope for Abused Christian Women (Catherine Clark Kroeger and Nancy Nason-Clark)

Self-Injury: When Pain Feels Good (Edward T. Welch)

From Books That Change Lives, CLC Publications. © Used with permission.

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