By Lisa Bevere
Publisher: Revell
Genre: Christian Living          
Release Date: 04/17/18

Bevere is the cofounder of Messenger International whose goal is to develop uncompromising followers of Christ. She offers her faithful fans a noteworthy resource that will help them develop into sensitive discerners between truth and opinions.

In a world where false news and social media posts are frequently mistaken as the gospel truth, Bevere equips Christians to arm themselves with God’s Word as the ultimate and only purveyor between right and wrong. Readers will be interested in learning how the word adamant came into being and why Bevere chose this singular Greek word as the basis for her text.

Christ followers will discover how to be adamant (which is a good thing) as it pertains to intimacy, constancy, knowing how to love, hating what God is opposed to, being truthful, skillful with God’s Word, being continually transformed, and in personal holiness.

Bevere also includes appendices with additional Scripture reading and snippets from Proverbs and Ecclesiastes for wise living. Her voice is always a direct and passionate one, and this new book won’t disappoint her followers.

—Michele Howe