Age of Crowns

Age of Crowns
By Kori De Leon
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Genre: Christian Life
Release Date: 04/2018

De Leon, ministry leader and author, offers Christian women keen insight on understanding why they pursue what they do in life and through relationships. The author discusses kings and queens and adventures as the backdrop for her three-part primer on making the pursuit of Jesus primary.

De Leon candidly discusses how she made worldly pursuits her passion and how they never satisfied her deepest heart’s longing. She guides women to a better biblical understanding of how Christ followers were designed for a grand adventure; how Jesus is worth waiting for; and the glorious reward Christians will be given. De Leon’s transparency and humility make her relatable to women who long for true intimacy with another yet search for it apart from their relationship with God.

Each chapter concludes with fully developed personal takeaway questions for deeper study. This text is not merely a recounting of personal events (both good and bad), but it is replete with generous portions of Scripture, which highlight the biblical principles De Leon is trying to hone in on and communicate to Christian women struggling to keep Christ pre-eminent amidst a world of temptation.

—Michele Howe