All She Left Behind

All She Left Behind
By Jane Kirkpatrick
Publisher: Revell
Genre: Historical Fiction

Release Date: 09/05/17

Jennie Pickett has a natural bent toward healing. She longs to become a doctor, but difficulty learning and marriage to an alcoholic rule it out of the question. When husband, Charles, suddenly divorces her, Jennie returns to her parents’ home with her young son, Dougie, and obtains work caring for the beloved wife of Indian agent Josiah Parrish.

After Elizabeth’s death, Jennie marries Josiah. Their happiness is marred only by Dougie’s increasingly rebellious behavior as he joins his father in a life of drug and alcohol abuse. Jennie believes she could find a cure for addiction, if only she could become a doctor. After Josiah finally convinces her to pursue her heart’s dream, Jennie finds nothing can stop her from achieving her goal.

Once again, Kirkpatrick gives us a strong woman to cheer for and admire. She fleshes out the woman behind the true-but-scanty details of an actual 1870s medical pioneer in the Oregon Territory. Highly recommend to fans of the author’s exceptional historical fiction.