All Things New

All Things New
By John Eldredge
Publisher: Nelson Books
Genre: General nonfiction
Release Date: 09/26/17

A Christian counselor and best-selling author takes us on a journey, not to heaven, but to the final climax: the new heavens and new earth. This, says Eldredge, is our ultimate destination, where there will be physical and spiritual restoration to what was intended to be in the beginning.

This end can motivate our hope, since it’s the place where all wrongs are righted, justice and mercy are fully realized, and creation, and us in it, are completely redeemed.

Though overwritten and speculative in parts, the book is a welcome tonic to hope deferred and our fragmented society, where frustration and anger seem to rule the day. It also pushes past our own mortality, disappointments, and grief, showing that the best is yet to be.

Recommend to any believer downcast and in need of hope. Isn’t that all of us at one time or another?