All Together Different

All Together Different
By J. Brian Tucker and John Koessler
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Genre: Church Leadership
Release Date: 02/2018

The authors take aim at one of the great challenges faced by the church today: how to maintain unity while honoring individual identities. They state unequivocally that All Together Different is “about staying together in the midst of our differences rather than trying to eliminate them.”

Their tone respectful and their analysis thorough, Tucker and Koessler explore the myriad forces that define us, including age, gender, ethnicity, vocation, and more broadly, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In their pursuit of cultural change, they render solid advice for leaders by encouraging them to become “an archaeologist of people’s identities” as they seek to maintain unity. They assert that only God can truly define us and that we were meant to live as sojourners in community.

This book is definitely for a scholarly, pastoral audience.

—Von Mitchell