Along the Road

Along the Road
By John Beck
Publisher: Discovery House
Genre: Biblical Studies
Release Date: 02/2018

We can read and study the Bible chronologically, topically, or canonically. Beck proposes an additional approach—geographically. As Jesus walked with His disciples, He used geography to tell God’s story, linking place, past event, and present lesson. We read and study the Bible geographically by asking a new set of questions, discovering connections between and gaining insights into stories, poetry, and letters that share a common location.

Beck takes us to places where Jesus walked that connected Him to Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah, places where the Israelites failed in the Old Testament but where Jesus succeeded as our substitute, places where Jesus returned to teach us about our mission, and more.

Each major section concludes with a reflection and discussion questions. A companion DVD is also available.

Along the Road invites individuals and groups to walk with Jesus, to better understand His teachings by exploring the Bible’s landscape.

—Daniel Johnson