An Extra Mile

An Extra Mile
By Sharon Garlough Brown
Publisher: Formatio (IVP)
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: 02/2018

The latest installment in the “Sensible Shoes” series is impactful and thoughtful, continuing to chronicle the unlikely friendship/fellowship of four struggling-through-life women. Authentic and raw, sorrow and joy, beginnings and endings weave their way through the pages and the lives of these believable characters.

Reeling from a loss among their ranks, each woman wrestles to make sense of what life throws at her while reaching out to another who is broken, in need of the heavenly Father’s love and comfort.

Scripture and meditations are shared as part of the narrative but would be excellent for devotional study or group discussion (questions provided). As each woman faces her own particular issue, the dialogue is truly more than superficial, challenging readers to examine their own hearts.

Knowing the backstory would be helpful in this fourth novel of the series, but it is a worthwhile read as a stand-alone. Highly recommend to those wanting a good story with more than pat cliques to chew on.

—Kim Trivilino