Arms of Mercy

Arms of Mercy
By Ruth Reid
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Amish
Release Date: 06/05/18

It’s the beginning of a new year and Catherine is expecting great things. After the New Year’s celebration, Zach has planned to take her on a sleigh ride, she hopes with the intent of proposing. But her dreams are dashed when Elijah walks into the party and needs a ride home. Catherine didn’t think she would ever see him again after he left the community six years ago. He promised he would return soon to marry her, but then she saw the announcement of his marriage to someone else a few weeks later in the newspaper.

Thinking it’s time for a change, Catherine accepts an invitation from her cousin in Florida who needs help in her bakery. But the changes that come will be more than Catherine could ever imagine.

This second book in the “Amish Mercies” series includes some references to the first book, it can definitely stand on its own. Good read for all lovers of Amish fiction.

—Ruth O’Neil