Audacious Prayer in Five Simple Steps

My mom, “The Audacious Molly Bruno,” has been getting some attention lately because of her audacious prayer life. People ask me how she prayed and got miraculous answers. I’ve narrowed it down to a foundational five ways to have an audacious prayer life like she did.

They are:

  1. Be Real.
    The real God wants to talk to the real you. Being fake was almost the unpardonable sin in my mother’s world and a completely pointless exercise when it came to prayer. Being our authentic selves is the only way to approach God. Mom taught me to believe that I can just be me with God. “Marie,” she’d say, “You can’t be fake with the real God.”
  2. Be Honest.
    Have doubts about Him? Don’t think He actually hears you? Feel dirty and ashamed because of things you’ve done? He knows every thought in your head. Tell Him what’s really inside your heart. Mom often reminded me that “a fake prayer is a waste of your time and God’s.” So just be honest. He can handle it.
  3. Believe He Is Who He Says He Is.
    “My mother had great faith – but not in her own faith. My mother had great faith in God’s faithfulness.” Her faith came down to three simple words: she believed God. She knew her faith could be shaken but God’s faithfulness could never be shaken. This attitude of hers helped her not to take the blame when a prayer she prayed was not answered or to take the credit when it was.
  4. Be Thankful to Be Heard.
    Some people define a successful prayer as a prayer which receives the answer you asked for. Mom defined it as knowing God heard her. This is an important element of her prayer life though so simple it is often overlooked. She had unshakeable faith that as she spoke she had an audience with Almighty God. She never doubted she was heard and because of this kind of faith, she expected Him to act on her behalf. And He did.
  5. Be Persistent.
    Jesus explained prayer to the disciples by asking them to imagine banging on neighbor’s door at midnight to borrow bread to feed a friend. Jesus explained, “I tell you, even though he will not get up and give you the bread because of friendship, yet because of your shameless audacity he will surely get up and give you as much as you need.” (Luke 11:8 NIV). Mom had that kind of shameless audacity when praying about something. Her attitude was: “Don’t be afraid to ask God to do whatever you want Him to do as long as you are willing to accept whatever He decides to do.”

These steps are simple, but not always easy. If you want to be an audacious pray-er the strength to be one is as easy as asking God to help you become one.

You can read more about audacious prayer, Marie Armenia, and Marie’s mother (Molly Bruno) in her new book, The Audacious Molly Bruno (Faithwords), available in April wherever books are sold.

Marie Armenia, the daughter of Molly Bruno, has traveled the country as a singer/songwriter and keynote women’s retreat speaker. As a pastor’s wife for many years, she has always had a heart to serve God’s people in any way possible. She is the former producer, writer and on-air hostess of “The Marie Show,” a TV broadcast for women, which aired on seven Christian TV stations in the northeast. Marie currently writes a monthly humor column for Mature Living and is the author of more than 400 magazine articles and various columns. Her new book, The Audacious Molly Bruno (Faithwords), shares the story of the real-life prayer warrior who inspired the character “Miss Clara” in the internationally acclaimed film, War Room.

—Marie Armenia