By Mark Ward
Publisher: Lexham Press
Genre: Biblical Studies
Release Date: 01/2018

More than 50 out of every 100 Bible readers still reach for the King James Version (KJV) when they want to read God’s Word. That shows the astonishing staying power of the KJV, whose phrasing has worked its way into the English language so thoroughly, that even unbelievers quote it without knowing they are.

A New Testament scholar with deep respect for the KJV, Ward questions the value of this staying power, especially since it’s no longer a vernacular translation. He replicates words and phrases that, though they are familiar, don’t mean what readers think they do—the language has changed that much since the initial translation.

Although he doesn’t recommend ditching the KJV, Ward exhorts readers to expand their experience with God’s Word by consulting other versions for genuine understanding. Having been reared on the KJV and converted through it, Ward graciously meets the objections of KJV die-hards.

Recommended for Bible translation enthusiasts.

—Gerald Wisz