Beautifully Interrupted

Beautifully Interrupted
By Teresa Swanstrom Anderson
Publisher: Worthy Publishing
Release Date: 05/15/18

Swanstrom Anderson writes about the sweet melody of God calling the hearts of those who seek them. “We have this one wild and precious life—let’s live it fully as God envisioned it at the beginning,” she writes. “God will never forget the plan He designed you for when He knit you in your mother’s womb. Out of every place in this beautiful world and out of every point in our earth’s history, you are here now. For a reason.”

And she writes about that reason and shares her vision of how God changes our fears into passion. Beautifully Interrupted is an excellent read for those starting their journey with God, or those who feel God’s call but do not know how to proceed toward God’s will for them.

—Michelle Lovato