Before I Saw You

Before I Saw You
By Amy Sorrells
Publisher: Tyndale House
Genre: General
Release Date: 06/2018

Nurse and best-selling author Sorrells does not disappoint in her new novel. In the same vein as her previous titles about real-life problems and how they affect our world, this book addresses the modern-day drug epidemic through the eyes of a pregnant, young heroin addict named Jaycee Givens, whose life is in pieces and whose future is seemingly hopeless.

Without a family to lean on, Jaycee connects with a series of friends and hides her growing child until she can no longer deny it. Her fears skyrocket when her furious and abusive boyfriend learns of her pregnancy, forcing Jaycee to the crossroads between keeping her baby and letting her go.

Sorrells writes gut-wrenching fiction that mirrors real life and reminds readers that drug abuse in America continues to be a major problem that can affect the most innocent of victims.

—Michelle Lovato