Beyond Colorblind

Beyond Colorblind
By Sarah Shin
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Genre: Christian Life
Release Date: 11/14/17

Shin has authored a thoughtful and intelligent book on the misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding racial and ethnic tensions today. Readers will gain much-needed insight as well as practical recommendations on first better understanding their own position, then addressing it.

Shin writes that individuals fall into one of two camps: They either believe in colorblindness or they are disenchanted by it. However, she explains that our world isn’t colorblind because the rampant issues facing society are both racially and ethnically charged.

Shin discusses how Christ followers can grow in their sensitivity to those from differing ethnic backgrounds and speak in ways that build bridges of understanding rather than reflect disrespect and fear. Readers will especially value her careful word of chastisement to the church to make the effort to face its own wounds to be able to fully welcome and serve others.

This work is especially timely as today’s headlines blaze with ongoing racial conflict and hatred. The author offers readers an education and a solution.

—Michele Howe