Bible Matters

Bible Matters
By TimChester
Publisher: IVP Books
Category: Biblical Studies
Release Date: 01/2018

This book is a theology of the Bible as the Word of God, but in a popular format. The Bible is inspired, not dead but living, and promotes Christ from beginning to end, the author shows. It’s also given for a purpose, is sufficient, reliable, and accessible. Mostly, it’s relational, and not just a collection of historic documents, though it’s also historic, of course.

Chester goes to Scripture to show this, but also peppers his discussion with relatable examples to make his points easy to grasp. He also defends the Bible against skeptics, showing its consistency despite being written over thousands of years by different authors.

This book is ideal as a primer for new believers wanting to get a bigger picture of the faith, as well as a Bible study tool for small groups. Chester’s study guide at the close takes readers through his key points, substantiating them with Scripture.

—Gerald Wisz