Blessed Are the Unsatisfied

Blessed Are the Unsatisfied
By Amy Simpson
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Genre: Christian Life
Release Date: 02/13/18

If readers are looking for a “name it and claim it” spiritual feel-good read, this book isn’t for them. In fact, Simpson calls out some Christian heavy hitters who teach that God promises complete happiness and satisfaction in our earthly life.

She lays out a convincing case that Christians can never be fully and permanently satisfied apart from living in the presence of Christ. Until then, she says we need to “embrace dissatisfaction.” While the message is unique, it certainly has merit for thoughtful believers.

At first glance, this book could be perceived as a discouraging downer, but as Simpson says, “To me, it’s very good news to remember that the life I live now is not the best I can hope for.”

With chapters that focus on finding meaning, purpose, and contentment, the notion that we can be fulfilled on earth clearly emerges. Helpful exercises complete each chapter.

—Diane Markins