Brave Moms, Brave Kids

Brave Moms, Brave Kids
By Lee Nienhuis
Publisher: Harvest House
Release Date: 02/2018

“If I want to raise a hero, I’m going to have to become a hero, because brave kids need brave moms,” says Nienhuis, mother of four and an area coordinator for Moms in Prayer International. But even heroes wrestle with insecurity and doubt—especially moms that battle cultural influences daily as they strive to raise godly children.

Nienhuis addresses such topics as fear, surrender, and incorporating personal anecdotes into Bible teaching. She turns “brave” into an acronym that stands for believe, reflect, ask forgiveness, vigilantly pray, and equip, encouraging parents to embrace and model those values for their children. Particularly helpful is an explanation of the four steps of prayer and practical tips for praying with children.

Steeped in Scripture, this slower-paced book lacks pizazz but offers encouraging, insightful content. Recommended for moms who are searching for a biblical study of bravery.

—Christy Pitney