Braving Sorrow Together

Braving Sorrow Together
By Ashleigh Slater
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 10/03/17

Slater braves the treacherous waters of recounting her own “weeping years” of sorrow upon sorrow when she and her husband, Ted, endured two years of hardship. Slater recalls how grievous it was to live through setbacks that included a miscarriage, multiple job losses, and feelings of betrayal, panic attacks, antidepressants, cross-county moves, and even suicidal thoughts.

In this text, she tells her personal tale of suffering, how she made it through some of the worst life has to offer, and what she learned along the way. The author also offers a number of in-depth, poignant accounts of individuals who have travailed through hardship as well.

Readers will explore the many aspects of sorrow as it pertains to feeling out of control; wrestling in relationships; finding one’s home; identity in jobs; discarding/discovering dreams; overcoming health crises; and understanding the essential nature of building a robust community. Refreshingly honest, Slater digs deeply into the spiritual repercussions of painful suffering and why grieving well is one of life’s necessities.