Bringing Maggie Home

Bringing Maggie Home
By Kim Vogel Sawyer
Publisher: WaterBrook
Genre: General Fiction
Release Date: 09/05/17

For 70 years Hazel DeFord hasn’t let go of her tragic past. Burying devastating memories of Maggie, her 3-year-old sister who disappeared, has left Hazel guilt-ridden and overprotective. Rebellious and resentful of Hazel’s obsessive mothering, 47-year-old Diane’s strained mother/daughter relationship continues.

Raised in church, Diane has neglected God for years, had a premarital pregnancy, yet chose birth over abortion. Her grown daughter, Meghan, loves being with Hazel until Meghan stumbles on memorabilia that opens the floodgates of Hazel’s memories.

When Hazel finally spills the family secret, Meghan, a cold case detective, begins examining the mystery of Maggie’s disappearance with her partner, Sean Eagle, a God-honoring man. Uncovering startling clues could pave the way for familial restoration and self-discovery.

Vogel Sawyer’s well-developed, three-generational novel mixes mystery, romance, and family dysfunction/healing in multiple storylines involving love, grace, loss, alcoholism and abortion insights. Contains discussion questions. Recommend to fans of engaging Christian fiction.