Cherished Mercy

Cherished Mercy
By Tracie Peterson
Publisher: Bethany House
Genre: Historical
Release Date: 09/05/17

It’s been several years since Mercy Flanagan survived the Whitman Massacre. Now that both her sisters are married with families, it’s up to her to chart a new course for herself. When a friend writes that she’s having a difficult pregnancy and would love to have Mercy visit, Mercy is delighted at the opportunity despite her sisters’ apprehensions. Adam Browning has been living with his brother and sister-in-law among one of the many Tututni Indian tribes, helping and ministering to its people. Upon hearing Mercy with be joining their ranks, Adam is positive she’ll be a spoiled city girl unwilling to help or learn anything new. He is not prepared at all for Mercy.

This compelling story about the importance of faith in God and people in the face of adversity, war, and persecution is rife with history. Book three in the “Heart of the Frontier” series is perfect for admirers of the first two books as well as for fans of Judith Miller and Kristi Ann Hunter.