Come Matter Here

Come Matter Here
By Hannah Brencher
Publisher: Lifetree (Group)
Genre: Christian Life
Release Date: 05/29/18

Many people go through the day feeling as if they don’t matter, no one would miss them if they weren’t there at all. So often they are living in the past or only looking to their future plans. While being aware of our past mistakes and planning for the future aren’t necessarily bad things, too often we get caught up in them. We need to be aware of and actually live in the here and now where God has placed us.

Brencher shares her journey to find the place where God wanted her to be and where she mattered and made a difference. Each chapter ends with a prayer to help readers focus on the discussed topic and make it personal.

This good book is a fit for young adults who are venturing out in the world but are unsure of where to go or where God wants them.

—Ruth O’Neil