Dancing in No Man’s Land

Dancing in No Man’s Land
By Brian Jennings
Publisher: NavPress
Genre: Christian Life
Release Date: 05/2018

Like World War I soldiers hidden in bunkers, people in today’s culture are hunkered down in trenches of polarized opinions and beliefs. We pop our heads up only long enough to lob verbal grenades at the “enemy,” whom we define as almost anyone who disagrees with us. If we dare leave the bunker to learn from the other side or to seek peace, we risk getting shot down by friend and foe alike.

Jennings seeks to bring people out of their bunkers and into the no man’s land in between, where people can “dance,” or hold on to the truth while finding a way to live in peace.

The author warns against the danger of setting up a false choice between grace and truth. Some people, eager to stand up for what is right, attack whoever they disagree with, no matter how much hurt it causes. Others veer in the opposite direction and refuse to take a stand for anything for fear that someone might be offended.

Jesus rejected such an either/or approach, combining toughness and gentleness in a life of love. We can follow His example by approaching others with a desire to understand rather than demonize. We can learn to disagree respectfully. We can also realize that not every issue is worth arguing about in the first place, and not every opinion needs to be aired on social media or elsewhere. In a divided age, this book offers a fresh approach for how to treat others.

—Joseph Bentz