Everybody, Always

Everybody, Always
By Bob Goff
Publisher: Nelson Books
Genre: Spirituality
Release Date: 04/17/18

In this follow-up to Love Does, Goff focuses on God’s purpose for us: to love everybody, always. The Christian faith isn’t easy, but it’s simple: It’s about loving God, our neighbors, and our enemies.

In 26 short chapters, Goff shares real-life stories about loving others the way Jesus did, with extravagant grace. He suggests we begin by loving the difficult people in our lives. This requires conquering our fear of people who are different from us. And when we love the people Jesus created, we meet Him. Goff addresses the difficulties and setbacks of this task with honesty and self-deprecating humor.

Everybody, Always offers a timely and much-needed approach to understanding and living the Christian life in our divisive and reactionary age. Recommend it especially to customers who purchased Love Does and to pastors and small-group leaders seeking to move their members in the direction of Christlike love.

—Daniel Johnson