Experiments in Honesty

Experiments in Honesty
By Steve Dougherty
Publisher: Worthy Publishing
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 03/0618

This rather sophisticated collection of devotions is unique in that it provides entertainment, wit, and wisdom while sharing the beauty of God’s love.

Jesus taught about the importance of loving God and loving others as we love ourselves. Daugherty’s desire is to help us find our way to the truth about God’s love when we deal with issues such as compassion, fear, anger, faith, and truth. He shares stories from the Bible and his own life and thoughts. “Being made in the image of Compassion is, for us, an invitation to learn to love people because they exist. Period.”

Dougherty has been a pastor, storyteller, and counselor for the past 15 years. His writings include devotionals, prayer journals, and group materials. He offers note pages at the end of each section as well as an extensive scriptural references.

—Donna Watson