Faith-Based Movie Combines a Message and a Good Story

Hollywood has always recognized the power of the box office, and today Christian films are big moneymakers. DVDs, the home market, and church-based distribution systems have also supported the phenomenon. Yet for many Christian filmmakers, the focus has remained on the message and the value of a good story.

One example is Let There Be Light, which debuted last October. TV and radio host Sean Hannity teamed up with husband and wife duo Kevin and Sam Sorbo on the new faith-based movie. Hannity served as the executive producer of the film, while Kevin Sorbo took on the director’s role. Sam Sorbo co-wrote the screenplay with Dan Gordon.

“[Sean’s] not a film guy, but he understands good cinema. He wants to create good cinema that has family values and American values, exhibits virtue and uplifts people,” she says. “He wants to be part of that force for good that we can have in cinema that’s [been lost] in Hollywood. Hollywood has gotten on this track of rooting for the evil villain. And it’s too bad, because stories change people’s lives.”

In the movie, Sol Harkens (Kevin Sorbo) goes down a destructive path after the traumatic loss of his youngest son to cancer. After a serious car accident, and facing a near death experience, Sol’s outlook on life is challenged—he discovers his purpose, draws closer to his family, and finds God.

“I think it comes down to the writing, and Sam and Dan did an amazing job with the script,” says Kevin Sorbo. “It’s not a cheesy story. It’s real life. It’s drama. It’s a love story, ultimately as well. It deals with fathers being involved with their families, husbands being involved with their wives, and the downfall of that in our society.”

The movie also features appearances by Dionne Warwick and Travis Tritt.

—Ginny McCabe