Finding Jesus in Israel

Finding Jesus in Israel
By Buck Storm
Publisher: Worthy Publishing
Release Date: 05/01/18

Novelist and songwriter Storm loves to explore the Holy Land, especially off the beaten path. He sees Israel as beautiful, vibrant, and a place of dramatic extremes.

In 30 short chapters Storm shares his adventures in this amazing land and his observations about it, its people, and its story. He vividly describes the places he goes: the terrain, sights, sounds, and even smells. He frequently focuses on the people he encounters and the conversations they have: three street-hustling boys, a crusty hotel owner, a Jew and a Palestinian working together in a ticket booth, and others. Storm finds the story of Israel in the hearts and lives of its people and sees in it the story of God’s interaction with humanity.

Finding Jesus in Israel is an entertaining and winsome read, and customers who have gone to the Holy Land or are preparing to go may especially enjoy it.

—Daniel Johnson