Finding Selah

Finding Selah
By Kristen Kill
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Christian Life
Release Date: 01/09/18

Co-host of a podcast with Sally Clarkson, Kill describes her personal journey to find rest for her soul. The postpartum depression she experienced left her feeling hollow, but afraid of the silence, she continued to keep moving. “I was afraid of the promise of stillness, and because I felt so alone, busyness became a friend,” she writes.

And then came her family’s move to New York City—with four young children. In the middle of this mayhem, Kill discovered the true meaning of selah as she studied the Psalms. “I was . . . beginning to see that in the moments I thought God was most silent, He was never absent.” In fact, these pauses gave way to the sweetest tune she had ever known.

Kill’s personal reflections will challenge readers to examine their own lives. When a person’s soul is barren, there is nothing left to give. By choosing to invest in rest and embrace the pauses, one has plenty to offer others.

—Carol Stertzer