First Ask Why

First Ask Why
By Shelly Wildman
Publisher: Kregel
Release Date: 04/2018

Wildman, author, speaker and former writing professor, offers Christian parents a primer on raising children through intentional discipleship. The mother of three daughters, Wildman breaks her parenting resource down into four parts: Our Charge, Our Challenge, Our Compassion, and Our Contribution.

In 12 true, story-packed chapters that present parenting recommendations topic-by-topic, Wildman includes biblical accounts that serve to cement each of her premises. Readers will appreciate her candor and honest assessment of her own parental fails. They will also benefit from reading how Wildman and her husband worked in tandem to communicate Jesus’ love and example to their daughters through everyday life scenarios.

The text isn’t one that will make parents feel like failures. Rather, this resource will encourage, educate, and inspire moms and dads to keep at the parenting task over a lifetime.

—Michele Howe