Glory Happening

Glory Happening
By Kaitlin Curtice
Publisher: Paraclete Press
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 11/07/17

A call to take in everyday glory, this book is a compilation of 50 meditative and personal stories and prayers that is meant to open readers’ eyes to those “magnificent moments” all around them. It is through this enlightenment that Curtice says weary souls will see past the chaos of everyday life to the divine glory that surrounds them.

Glory Happening is contemplative, cozy hug for the soul. Curtice’s personal revelations are bite-sized nuggets, which makes them an accessible and easy-to-fit-in read. She is unabashedly kingdom-centered in her musings, drawing readers to focus on what God is revealing to them in the most mundane or seemingly insignificant moments of life.

Chapters include guided prayers and contemplative literary quotes that will resonate with readers. This book will appeal to women who want a devotional that helps guide them through quiet meditation. If someone is looking for a book to redefine the chaos of life, this is one to recommend.

—Leslie Paladino