God, Improv, and The Art of Living

God, Improv, and The Art of Living
By MaryAnn McKibben Dana
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 05/2018

The author does a lovely job of defining “improv” in the sense of adapting to life’s curve balls as a way to enjoy a playful, happy life. She divides her work into seven planning steps to improvise more effectively through life’s ups and downs.

McKibben Dana tells readers not only to begin saying yes to God’s nudges, but to also take the next appropriate steps toward making a positive difference. She encourages Christians to train their vision, find a troupe to serve with; find the right structure; live life more deeply by reframing loss; and finally tackle the go-off plan.

McKibben Dana recounts her own life journey and how training/acting in improv classes has helped her developed a more finely tuned ability to serve God. The stories are comical, telling, and readers may be surprised that McKibben Dana is herself an introvert (so no excuses for others in this category).

The author brings biblical depth to each of her seven principles for living life with improv and closes out her text with exercises for individuals and groups. This creative resource would be a terrific book to read and discuss in small group settings where different voices and personalities would bring color and energy to McKibben Dana’s unique recommendations.

—Michele Howe