God in the Dark

God in the Dark
By Sarah Van Diest
Publisher: NavPress
Genre: Devotional
Release Date: 04/2018

Van Diest calls doubt, darkness, and pain the unholy trinity. She writes to offer Christians glimpses of light that are often hidden beneath layers of hardship, challenge, and trials. This devotional focuses on helping equip readers to take their faith in hand and look intentionally into their suffering with courage and bravery.

Van Diest’s work is almost poetic as she tenderly depicts every sort of response to suffering and gently nudges her readers to reconsider the goodness of God in the midst of their private pain. Each of the essays opens with a lovely and perceptive portion of Scripture (to be read and digested slowly). Next, Van Diest writes her thoughts about facing the unimaginable with love, hope, and grace, which will help those who feel lost and utterly spent find their way back out of the dark.

Her work offers words to ease the suffering of others when individuals desire to speak words of comfort but may not have the words to share. Lovely and deeply personal, Christ followers will appreciate Van Diest’s poignant and powerful ability to see suffering as a way to a deeper understanding of God’s perfect love.

—Michele Howe