God Is Stranger

God Is Stranger
By Krish Kandiah
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Genre: Theology
Release Date: 12/2017

Christians are drawn to the portions of the Bible that show God reaching out to humans in love and redemption, but what do they do with the parts of Scripture that show a stranger God, one who behaves in ways that are hard to comprehend?

The most common response is to simply ignore those stories or to explain them away in ways that preserve a God who is more comprehensible. Kandiah calls for a different approach. He tackles the aspects of Scripture in which God’s “strangeness” is revealed. The author arranges his study according to some of the major figures of the Bible. The story of Jacob, for example, is called “the God who turns up and picks a fight.” The story of Gideon is about “the God who turns up way too late,” and the story of Naomi is about “the God who doesn’t turn up at all.”

As the author probes difficult passages, he ties them to the struggles we face when God acts—or doesn’t act—in ways that we think He should. Perhaps He is working out His purposes in ways that go beyond simplistic explanations.

This book brings a welcome perspective to a God whose thoughts and ways are higher than ours.

— Joseph Bentz