God of Tomorrow

God of Tomorrow
By Kaleb Kaltenbach
Publisher: WaterBrook
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 05/15/18

School shootings. Political extremism. A loss of civility in public discourse. Terrorism. One could easily see how fear might take hold in any life, but Kaltenbach sees things differently. God of Tomorrow is built on the premise that “since tomorrow belongs to God, we can graciously offer hope to people today.”

Kaltenbach builds an interesting case for inclusion, reminding readers that acceptance of others doesn’t necessarily mean we agree with them. Nor does the fact that we don’t agree with others mean that we can’t respect them. He plainly states that loving people is an attitude. His is a needed voice in today’s society, one that places respect for others at the forefront of his message.

This book might catch on with your Christian Living audience. His work is definitely relevant in these tumultuous times.

—Von Mitchell