God’s Best Kept Secret

God’s Best Kept Secret
By Mark Maulding
Publisher: Baker Books
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 10/03/17

Maulding offers Christians a new beginning in their relationship with Christ. This author knows firsthand how false views of God can cause heartache and pain.

Maulding asks questions as to whether we equate expectations of God’s blessing with the number of spiritual activities performed. He discusses “Checklist Christianity,” which is described as feeling a need to fulfill certain criteria, which often leaves a void in our lives. We ask ourselves what else we should be doing.

The author gives the example of Adam and Eve in the garden. When the forbidden fruit was eaten, their thinking was changed from relationship thinking to checklist thinking. They believed if they performed well, God would bless them, whereas before they believed God blessed them simply because He loved them.

God doesn’t want our flesh strengthened, but wants us to become dependent on Him. Highly recommend for anyone wanting a closer relationship with God.

—Jolane Shaffer