God’s Grace in Your Suffering

God’s Grace in Your Suffering
By Davi Powlison
Publisher: Crossway
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: 02/28/18

Powlison provides a direct path to relief from suffering for people who want answers and help dealing with their various problems. “God will surprise you,” he writes. And God personalizes each answer on the hearts of those who seek Him, giving us an answer that means something better than we could imagine.

Set up to dig right into the heart of each reader, this text starts with a simple question: What is your past’s most significant suffering? Once defined, the rest of the book delves into finding how God’s grace enters that situation.

Powlison is the executive director of Christian Counseling and Education Foundation and senior editor of Journal of Biblical Counseling. God’s Grace in Your Suffering needs to be on the lips of counselors across the industry.

—Michelle Lovato