Gospel Reset

Gospel Reset
By Ken Ham
Publisher: Master Books
Genre: Theology
Release Date: 04/10/18

Ham believes Western culture has changed, and to present the Gospel successfully to modern Westerners, the message needs a reset.

He points out that millennials speak a different language, so phrases and words you use with them don’t necessarily convey what you mean, because the hearer’s understanding is different.

For example, like Peter in his Acts 2 post-Pentecost sermon, Westerners believed in the God of creation and they understood God, sin, and death. Today’s millennial crowd doesn’t believe that way. They’re more like the Greek audience that Paul preached to in Acts 17.

Like many today, Ham says, young adults believe in evolution and naturalism. He says the reset is to start at the beginning, with Genesis 1 and with the Bible as the foundation for their thinking.

Ham’s argument is clear and Bible-believing Christians who share his point of view will benefit from it. But more progressive evangelicals Christians may not be a good audience.

—Neil Bartlett