By Ruth Chou Simons
Publisher: Harvest House

Capturing the seasonal nature of faith, this book capitalizes on the unchanging truth of who God is and who we are. With 32 devotions, this book features original watercolors, photographs, and hand-painted Scripture portraits based on the GraceLaced blog and shop.

This is more than just another pretty book—it goes deeper and speaks to the soul. GraceLaced takes readers on a visual journey—a beautiful walk through the garden of faith, focusing on truth and penetrating questions with a flexible approach. Readers can either read the devotions or go deeper with the added Scripture or grab some art supplies and journal thoughts and responses on the provided pages.

Included at the end is an initiation to know Jesus, which makes it a great gift for someone who is exploring spirituality but does not yet have faith in Christ. It also is a beautiful way to incorporate artwork and meditation into one’s personal time with God.