Guide Your Mind, Guard You Heart, Grace Your Tongue

Guide Your Mind, Guard You Heart, Grace Your Tongue
By Carol Burton McLeod
Publisher: Whitaker House
Release Date: 04/03/18

The first page of this book says: “This book may not be for you if…you never think a negative thought.” The author hits the nail on the head and continues to do so with her humorous writing filled with explanations, Scripture, stories, and hard-hitting facts.

Burton McLeod talks about mind games, emotional rollercoaster rides, and speech eruptions as she reminds us that the Bible is the treasure that can enable us to think the right thoughts, control our emotional treasure, and never again regret a word that we say.

In the section “Guide Your Mind” she deals with thinking habits and thought patterns. “Guide Your Heart” provides emotional prescriptions for living the way God wants us to while “Guide Your Tongue” explains how to clean up your “verbal vomit.”

As Burton McLeod says, we need “to think about what we are thinking about.”

—Donna Watson