Harp on the Willow

Harp on the Willow
By B.J. Hoff
Publisher: Harvest House
Genre: Historical
Release Date: 02/2018

Dr. Daniel Kavanagh moved from New York City to Mount Laurel, West Virginia, and successfully took over an existing practice. Three years later, he’s healthy, happy, and excited for each new day of patients.

Daniel is courting the woman of his dreams, Serena Norman, the local schoolmistress; and if he could just manage to put two words together when he’s with her, they might actually move forward in their relationship. When the nearby mining town has need of Daniel’s doctoring skills as well, much to Serena’s dismay, he decides to take on the new challenge. Once encumbered with the sick and injured of both towns, Daniel finds himself in his element, if slightly overworked.

Hoff does a marvelous job of pointing out how in taking care of others we often forget to take care of ourselves. In these times we look to the Lord to care for us spiritually so that we may take care of our bodily needs. This inspiring read is for fans of Tracie Peterson.

—Kelsey Perkins