Help Christian Marriages Make a Comeback

The Arterburns share lessons from the Mediterranean.

Stephen and Misty Arterburn are simply passionate about unpacking practical methodology for igniting a renewed zest in married couples’ lives. The Arterburns share candidly how they planned and then executed fun ways of growing more focused upon one another, thus increasing their intimacy quotient.

The Arterburns comment that even when one of the partners in a marital relationship isn’t “all in,” wonderful changes can still occur in the marriage and the life of the partner willing to put in the effort. The authors realize that the majority of couples are living busy, tired, distracted lives as they attempt to juggle all of their ongoing responsibilities within the home and outside of it. Satan is certainly succeeding in dismantling many Christian marriages as pornography is rampant in the church and divorce is growing more and more common.


To combat these dismal trends, they remind Christ followers of the power of the sexual connection. “One of the greatest evidences of God’s desire for us to experience the fascinating and ecstatic gift of sex is how much of a priority it is for Satan to destroy it. When you look at the high percentage of sexless and stale marriages, you see how well Satan has done in destroying this amazing gift.”

This inspirational text is more than just pie-in-the-sky wishing sentiment. Rather, the authors get intensely practical in their guidebook toward helping men and women take personal responsibility for their part in creating a dynamic marital relationship. Getting practical includes taking a close look at possible mistakes both sexes tend to make that can put the damper on any romantic sizzle.

“Women need to nurture the little boy inside while calling out the man. Too often she shuts down the man and pushes him into the little boy position. Her criticism sets up a parent-to-child dynamic that destroys mutuality in an adult relationship,” they say.

Men for their part, often think sex is all about the bedroom. “The man that enjoys savoring food and the conversation around it, working on projects with his wife, taking her dancing, finding ways to work out and be physically active with her, listening to her heart and keeping his eyeballs connected to hers, that man is going to succeed in all areas of his marriage rather than drive her away and out of anything great happening in their bedroom.”


While many marriage books are on the market, the Arterburns’ primer is all about having fun, playing together, rekindling positive emotions, and developing passion for one’s partner. Retailers can help guide their buyers to this book by sharing this book’s focus: reigniting passion.

The Mediterranean Love Plan takes one problem, the lack of passion that leads to dead and miserable marriages, and directs every word toward fixing the problem and restoring and strengthening a passionate and fulfilling bond between two married people,” say the Arterburns, who add they struggled with intimacy in their marriage. Then they traveled to the Mediterranean and experienced a whole new way of loving as they watched how the people who lived there were more passionate about everything.

“We were full of life and passion and took risks we normally would not. We came back and went to work on what these cultures had that could benefit everyone.” Christian marriages can make a comeback say the Arterburns as they’ve seen it happen time and again in their seminars and through the daily application of the principles found within this lively text.

—Michele Howe