Help! How Do I Read the Bible?

Help! How Do I Read the Bible?
By Mikal Keefer
Publisher: LifeTree (Group)
Genre: Bible Study
Release Date: 03/2018

This step-by-step guide to getting into the Bible introduces tips for staying engaged in what the Bible teaches by not only applying it but understanding it as well. This book doesn’t read like a superficial self-help manual that uses hype and buzz words to keep people reading. Instead, it’s honest, recognizing that nobody’s perfect, and assures that, while reading the Bible isn’t always easy, it is transformative.

This book presents practical and unique ways to absorb the Bible’s content without feeling intimidated. Encouraging, informative, and sometimes humorous, this book offers a simple approach for adults struggling in their personal experience with God’s Word.

—J.D. Wisz