Help Kids ‘Build’ Understanding of Nativity

As parents of two boys and three girls, Nativity Bricks Co-Founders Tim and Suzanne Calton created The Nativity Set with families in mind. The set emphasizes the spiritual meaning of Christmas. And children learn about the Nativity through play.

“The idea behind this set is this is something the family can do together. What some families do for the month of December is lay out one piece at a time, per day. With 315 pieces, you can put out one or two pieces a day, until you finally put it together for the Christ-child to come, and be the final piece,” says Suzanne Calton.

She says children love the product. They can move the pieces around, play with them, and interact. Children can also act out the story independently and share it over and over. Younger children ask about the characters in the set and their importance, like “Tell me about the Wise Men?” or “Tell me why animals were there?”

“We can read Luke 2 while building the set. As part of their Christmas tradition, some families act out the Nativity. This is another way to do that. Parents can show the interaction of the angel visiting the shepherds and the wise men on their journey. And the journey of Mary, Joseph, and their donkey. These are parts of the overall theme that could be acted out,” Suzanne says.

She says, “Having The Nativity Set on display at Christmastime helps to remind families what Christmas is really about. This is a toy that the whole family can build together, and the whole process of building it is a family-bonding experience.”

The Nativity Bricks are compatible to plastic building-block, construction toys. The product is recommended for children ages 9 and up (when being built independently). The Nativity Set includes Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, an angel, Three Wise Men, a manger, animals, and more. Several of the pieces in the set are customized. On average, it takes about an hour to complete the build.

Calton says the product is new to the market. In addition to fulfilling a faith-based need for families, the product also appeals to Nativity Set collectors. The Nativity Set is available now and retails at $59.99. (Although the family is currently living in Shanghai, China, on an overseas work assignment, the product ships to destinations within the United States.) For more details go to

The company is currently developing a Plexiglass display box for retailers. The product can be displayed in the toy section and the Nativity set section. In the future, the company hopes to create more products with Bible themes. That way, kids can learn Bible stories while they are playing.

—Ginny McCabe